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Crash Bandicoot

Crash games are simple yet tricky to play. Let’s explore all the ins and outs of this high-stakes game step-by-step.

Step #1: Understand Crash Gambling Basics

One of the key ways to learn how crash gambling works is by familiarizing yourself with its elements, such as:

Bet – It is the amount of cryptocurrency or fiat currency you would wager or risk on a crash game. You can decide how much you want to bet on a crash game round. However, you should have the required amount deposited on your Crash Game site account. Most Crypto crash gambling sites accept the following cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin BTC

Litecoin LTC

Ethereum ETH

Dogecoin DOGE

Bitcoin Cash BCH

Some crash gambling sites accept the following fiat currencies:



British Pound Sterling

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Quick Tip

Most crash gambling sites do not have a minimum bet requirement. Gamblers can start as small as 0.00001 BTC or $0.1 and have some crash gambling entertainment.

Multiplier – A Multiplier starts at 0.0x when a round of a crash game starts. It increases for an unpredictable time as the game round of crashes progresses before it crashes. The random point when the multiplier stops is referred to as a crash. The main goal of any crash player is to cash out before the crash. When you do, the multiplier value at a point when you cash out and your bet amount define your winnings.

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Quick Tip

The formula for that is:

Bet (ex., $100) x Multiplier during cash out (ex., 3.43x) = Winnings (ex. Total, $343)

Auto Bet or Auto Play – This is an optional feature for those who want to bring some sophistication to this simple game. Most players use this feature to help them with their strategy.

Auto bet, as the name specifies, automates your betting process. You need to set the following:

Number of rounds: The number of rounds that your bet will be automated.

Cash decrease and increase limit: The automation will stop if cash decreases or increases by X amount.

Single win limit: The process will stop if your single win exceeds Y amount.

Auto Cash Out – Auto cash-out is another option that makes your process automatic. You only need to set a specific multiplier. Once the graph reaches that multiplier, it automatically cashes out your winnings.

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Quick Tip

Auto Bet reduces the urge to bet more. Auto Cash Out prevents you from losing money waiting for a bigger multiplier.

House Edge – The casino or game provider will always have better odds than the player. The house edge is proof of that, which is the mathematical advantage the gambling operators always have over the player. It will take a percentage off whatever amount you bet when gambling.

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Quick Tip

In crash gambling, most sites have a house edge of 1 – 3%. That means for every dollar bet, the casino provider keeps $0.01 – $0.03.

Return to Player – RTP works together with the house edge. Since most crash gambling sites have a 1-3% house edge, the RTP is 99-97%. In the previous example, the operator takes $0.01 from a $1 bet, while the player receives $0.99 back based on the 99% RTP.

RNG – Crash gambling games depend on randomized algorithms to create randomness. In crash gambling, the randomized element is the multiplier. The specific range of numbers varies in each game. Some have unlimited multipliers, while others have a threshold. What happens in a randomized algorithm is that it generates a number, X, from the specific range set by the operator. Then, it decides on a result based on X’s value.




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